Zambia Food and Drink


Although Zambia is not really famous for its cuisine you can find some interesting menus there. Some towns like Livingstone and Lusaka have great western-style restaurants and curry houses that offer great meals. Also, there are many lakes that are filled with fresh fish that both local fishermen and restaurants can gain from. So you can also expect to enjoy different fish dishes. You can also look forward to enjoying barbecued game meats and more. You can also enjoy the Zambian diet but the diet is heavy on starch and comfort foods like soups, beans, and stew. In case you are not up for that there are many to enjoy at different restaurants across the country. As you go about driving your car to the best restaurants for great meals and your car fails you, you might consider a car breakdown recovery to get you home or to your destination.

Talking of beverages there is a lot including the country’s popular lager which is called Mosi. The name was derived from Victoria Falls. When you visit the rural areas the experience may be different as you get to join locals in drinking maize or sorghum beer that is usually homemade. The drinking age is from 18 years.

Zambian Specialties


Nshima- this is stiff ground maize made porridge. This staple is eaten in the rural areas daily but a thinner version of this may be taken eaten for breakfast with sugar and butter added to it.

Freshwater Fish- there are different kinds like Bream, Nile perch and salmon. They are found in Kafue, Luapula and also the Zambezi.

Ndiwo- this is a sauce that you get from boiling fish and vegetables or meat in general. It is usually served with nshima.

Samp and beans- this is a dish that is full of starch. It is made from crushed maize kernels and beans.

Ifisashi- this is a meal for the vegetarians.  It is a stew that is made with peanuts, tomatoes, spinach as well as cabbage. And just like ndiwo it is also served with nshima if you wish.

Biltong- dried meat that is spiced. It is usually made from beef or some game meat.

Kapenta- small sardines from Lake Tanganyika are salted and dried in the sun before consumption

Sauteed insects-  insects are like grasshoppers, caterpillars, cicadas, flying ants as well as mopane worms. Found mostly in rural Zambia.

Mosi- it is the famous local beer

Chibuku- this is opaque that is homemade with4 maize and sorghum.


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