Web Design In Zambia

Web Design in Zambia

Why do I need a website for my business?

Web Design in Zambia

This is a question I am often asked and I must say I never seize to be amazed. Web Design in Zambia is still something novel to a lot of small businesses, this may be the reason they remain small, frankly speaking. What many businesses coming up realize too late is the competition is tough in the market place, mere existence is not enough. Statistics say 5% of business start-ups make it through the first five years of operation. If this doesn’t paint the right picture on the need for a company to market itself well I don’t know what will. Of Course, some companies fail due to bad management and all, but there are very good business models that fail due to lack of exposure.

Old Vs New

Online Marketing Zambia

Since we are stressing on the importance of exposure as a business, what ways can you market yourself better? How has it been done and how is the competition doing it today? These are questions you should ask yourself as you move forward. Some traditional ways of marketing may still be relevant but most of them are becoming obsolete. A website is a must for every business that takes itself seriously. The world we are living today is becoming more and more digital by the minute. Information is now at our fingertips, relevant market players have long since adapted to this reality and make use of websites, online marketing to reach potential customers.

Good and Bad Websites

Web Design Zambia

Sad to say but having a website is not enough, the quality of your website is also an important aspect. Bad websites are as good as having none, you should pick your developer carefully as the wise say cheap is usually expensive. A good website, first of all, has to be responsive on all platforms. I’m talking about on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones it has to be clearly readable on all these devices. Another quality of a good website is speed, the speed at which the website loads on devices, you don’t want potential clients to get bored whilst your website is still loading. You can measure the speed of your website using websites such as Pingdom they tell you the size, speed and other aspects about your website. A good website should have several pages and enough content to be regarded as an authority in your industry. I can not say this enough DO NOT DO ONE PAGED WEBSITES. One paged sites will not be taken seriously by the Google algorithm and you can’t organically attract good traffic. Search Engine Optimisation is another quality of a good website, make sure your website is optimised for google, bing and other search engines. Writing blog news like this article you are reading covering topics around your area of business is also very good for your website as Google will recognise you as an authority within your field. These are some of the factors that determine if a website is a good one or not. If you would like us to do a full audit for your current website for free or maybe you would like to upgrade your website contact us.

You Get What You Pay For

Cheap websites will give you cheap results, apart from appearance there is much more to a website that will aid you in your success. Get a well-versed professional to do your website development and ask them about some of the tips we shared to access if they can make a good website for your business.

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6 Essential Tips for Building Proper Website Structure

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Website structure is about the navigation of your website. How user-friendly is your site? Is it easy enough to move from page to page, without losing the visitors along the way from distractions? Use these 6 steps to continue developing your website and connect with your visitors.
  1. Develop a clear hierarchy and text links that help the users move from page to page within your site.
    1. Your site navigation plays a role in how long a visitor stays on your site. If they can get to the destination in a few simple clicks, you’ve built successful site navigation. If it takes a visitor more than three clicks, you’ve lost them and they may never return. Don’t let that happen!
  2. Keep links on a given page to a reasonable number.
    1. Using inbound links helps your visitors get to the final destination on your site faster. By creating links out of the text on the web pages, your can directly take the visitors to the related page. Just don’t go link crazy within the content, as that can distract the visitors and they may end up leaving all together.
  3. Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links.
    1. Text is straight to the point, telling the visitors exactly who or what the information is about. Images can take away from the point you are trying to make. Be clear and concise.
  4. Make sure title elements and alt attributes are descriptive and accurate.
    1. This is where your long-tailed keywords can be incorporated. Use the one keyword you are focusing on for the page in your page title, meta description, and alt tags. Your page content should be directly related with the keyword you use. Doing so will help to keep your page unique as well, which follows the rules of SEO.
  5. Focus on buyer personas when creating your pages.
    1. Think about your target audience when you build out your pages. What would they be looking for? Why are they at your site? Help them navigate through your site by building the path for them. Make your goal obvious and show them the action they should take, such as call-to-actions.
  6. Check for broken links.
    1. Simply put, no one likes a broken link or site. Make sure everything is working properly and test EVERY link you create. A broken link leads to your visitor leaving. We don’t want that happening, do we? (This is where using Google Webmaster Tools is very important, as they will notify you of any broken links and website errors.)

By following these steps, you’ll be creating a useful info-rich website with pages of content that clearly and accurately describe your products and services. Don’t lose your visitors and possible sales to a poorly developed website. Help them through the sales process by guiding them through your website.

Is your website structure easily navigable? How do you guide your visitors through your site? If all this seems complicated for you why not outsource professionals who know to do so. 365 marketing solutions are specialists in web designing and online marketing. Get in touch with them for your website designing or upgrades.

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Web Designing in Zambia Simplified!

Web Designing in Zambia

Web Designing in Zambia Simplified! Gone are the dark ages when a business didn’t require a website. Nowadays it is a big requirement for all businesses to have to have a proper marketing strategy and that starts with creating your own online presence.

Businesses in Zambia can now unlock the secret to affordable Web Designing and Web Hosting services not to mention Email hosting and other marketing solutions thanks to 365 Marketing Solutions. We not only provide you with your online presence but we also make sure your business grows thanks to our Online Marketing Packages.

Social Media Marketing

We have seen that most businesses in Zambia are using Social Media to promote their presence online, but you as a business owner have you stopped to think what the impact would be of having both a website and social media presence. Us at 365 Marketing Solutions urge you to consider taking advantage of both your website and social media, that way when you showcase your products and services on social media ( Facebook or Twitter) you will then redirect the traffic to your own website and show people all you need to show about your business. In short Social Media Marketing in Zambia would best work if you have a website.

Web Designing in Zambia

We have made everything simple from Domain Registration either .co.zm or .com, we are there to assist along the way. We find you the best Web Hosting Company to suit your pockets and we link you up with some top SEO software that will get you on top of search rankings on either Google or Bing. We want you to appreciate the need for a website for your business in Zambia and at 365 Marketing Solutions, we care to that extent. Be it WordPress, Joomla, HTML or Woo Commerce websites, we are here to get you set up and connected to the rest of the World. Give us a call today and we will get back to you with the perfect quote just for you.

Contact 365 Marketing Solutions:

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Email: [email protected]

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